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Hello Readers,
This post today is on a software created on a Linux Kernel and tweaked by me. This software can remove the password of any Microsoft Operating System i.e. Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8.
Well yes it is kind of a hack and crack but I am strictly posting it for Educational Purpose Only.
Steps : 

  1. Download these Files
  2. Install Linux Live USB Creator
    • Select Pendrive
    • Select 'Windows Password Remover ISO'
    • Deselect 'Enable launching Linux Live in Windows'
    • Click on Lightning Flash Icon.
  3. Restart Your System and select 'Pen Drive' as First Boot Device. 
  4. Now Follow the Steps Carefully.
  5. It says Boot:
     [Press Enter]

  6. It asks Select Disk [You select the Disk number and press enter]
  7. Press 1 to select 'SAM Security', press enter
  8. It Says 'Loaded Hives' [Press 1 and Enter]
  9. It Asks Username, you write the username and press enter [case Sensitive]
    • Case Sensitive
    • Spaces not tested
    • Just Press Enter to select Default Administrator Account
  10. It says 'User Edit Menu' [You Press 1 and Enter]
  11. Select '!' to quit
  12. Press q and enter to Exit
  13. Press 'Y' and Enter to Write changes to Hive. 
  14. EDIT Complete press 'N' to Exit.
  15. Then Restart Your PC and Whoosh the Password is gone.
It can Remove Windows 8 Picture Password too and Fingerprint Scanners too [Tested for inbuilt only and on Windows 8].
COPYRIGHT :  (c) 1998-2008 Petter Nordahl-Hagen. Distributed under GNU GPL v2
DISCLAIMER : This software comes with Absolutely no Warranties!
                          The Author cannot be held Responsible for any Damage Caused By the
                          (Mis)Use Of the Software.
AUTHOR:         Petter Nordahl-Hagen

Please leave a comment and share if it works for you and else leave the problem in comments.

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